Monday, September 24, 2012

Returning to Hipermileage!


  Since the old prices are not coming back..

(save for yourself)
Well there are some basic tips like:

  •  Properly inflated tires
  • Right viscocity oil
  • Cleaned air filters
Well for more I give you the tips from Jack Martin:

And guys I would really like to reach the 500 follower mark before de end of November!!
Use the comments to suggest new articles or ways to improve the page ;)


  1. I'll try and keep these in mind when I get my own car. :P

  2. Hypermiling, I've never heard of that and to get that kind of mileage is incredible.

    You're doing something right and that's getting out and commenting right away and that builds loyalty. Commenting is how we show our support for each other.

    As far as what to post, I think it differs for the individual. Identify why your blogging first, define your audience and then entertain or interest them. Play to your strengths and be consistent with when you post so everyone knows when to get to you.

    You've tapped into a good group of people and go through their followers and follow. Some will follow you back, others won't. Just keep at it!

  3. Wow that is some mileage, never knew you could do any of that, as the cat has no idea about cars haha.

  4. LOL I don't even have a car :))

  5. Well when I have a car...

    Anne's advice is probably the best you'll get. other than that, BE interested. A lot of bloggers won't care if you are or not, but a lot more of the ones that can help you grow will. Keep that in mind :)