Sunday, November 28, 2010

Why can't it be sunday forever?

Enough with the tips... Forget about money.. It's sunday and let the monday bring back the worries (end of the month paying bills....) Pay day will be there for most!

So since it's cold outside and possibly raining in most of the countries!
Yoou will open your browser and open 3 tabs (or windows if you rather)

1st tab: Rainy Mood
2nd tab: Fireplace
3rd tab: The cherry on top of the cake

Imagine yourself... in a rainy sunday... lighting you fireplace while listening to some classy tunes..
(protip: 2nd tab on fullscreen)
It's free and it's great =D


  1. This makes me feel so relaxed, thank you

  2. That certainly gets one in the mood :D

  3. Who wouldn't like that .. hehe

  4. the music makes me feel like..."let's sleep an hour more.."

  5. This is a great combination of music. And I must say it does make me very relaxed. I'll remember to listen to these when I'm stressed.

  6. sundays are good for resting, but lately they've been crazy

  7. Just listened to this stuff five mins ago, feels damn good!