Sunday, November 7, 2010

Gimme fuel

So.. Have you noticed how latelly (few year now) the gas prices are going up...uuupp... UUUUPPP?!?

Well to prevent that this afects me I have been on the lookout of some techniques to save me some money when I drive! Since I can't save much when I fill the tank searched essencially on improving my mileage,,,,

Did my research when found out this site..
Top 10 Fuel Economy Tips
Here's the top (go to the site for details):

  • Follow the Recommended Maintenance

  • Keep Your Tires Properly Inflated  

  • Take a Load Off 

  • Don't Drive Aggressively

  • Use the Highest Gear Possible

  • Use Cruise Control — Selectively

  •  Think Clean

  • Avoid Excessive Idling

  • Think Before You Vent(ilate)

  • Combine Your Errands    

  •  That's it for now and if I come up or find more interesting tips like this i'll be happy to share!  


    1. well in my country fuel is already that expensive that i prefer to walk my ways or go by train

    2. I hate that man, between fuel and insurance i cant even afford to drive

    3. Been doing a lot of these for a while :P

    4. great post & really awesome blog :)

    5. Yeah, gas prices have been a bit high these days. Thanks for the tips, I'll be able to save money and not create so much pollution.

    6. your wife has a mustache? crazy.. and i dont see the gas prices going down any time soon, damn bastards

    7. Solid information here.
      Don't forget to predict what will happen in front of you. Try to minimize braking. Every little bit counts. ^_^

    8. Good tips, should save me some cash. Thanks man.

    9. If I had a car then I'd do all this.

    10. thanks for the post, like your blog bro.

    11. I think it's due to inflation, right?

    12. nice, that gives me something to think about

    13. There is a great video about saving Gas online by KipKay. Look him up on youtube. You'll be amazed.