Monday, September 6, 2010


Today I really had not the time to post here..

SO... I would to tell you that if you want you can make your own tips and crazy schemes to save money! (or if you want time).. Any tips on how to make money are also welcome!

Well that being said... Expect a new tip again tomorrow(sept, 7th)!
(leave tips on comments if you'd like)
To my followers I leave you this..


  1. Suprised. This song is actually good. : o

  2. Just thought I would give you a comentário. Didn't think I had any left :P Swing by and...

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  3. Kay here's my tip.

    Go to any store, fill out an application, call a few days after, get an interview, start working. Slowly feel your life drain away. Acquire currency.

  4. nice blog brother
    try to keep it up everyday just like i do :)