Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Have you seen it?

Just put on a darker background.. (due to some critics =P and also my own tip about saving energy with darker pages on the web...)

I also need some advice about my "design" and if you'd like future posts of mine =D
I'll leave you with this..

Don't know for sure if I'll post more today..


  1. Every little bit counts. Every generation keeps messing things up more for the next. But if even one whole country went "green" would we notice the impact?

    Well...China maybe...what if any 'other' whole country went green, would it really make a difference for everyone? And getting the world on board as a concerted effort...the Earth would have to be in imminent danger IMO.

  2. Saving the world, one webpage at a time.

  3. someone needs to calculate how much energy it would save if major sites changed their backgrounds.

  4. amazing


  5. Hmmm I've always seen these shirts everywhere but never heard a song.
    Not bad

  6. what a good way to start the day... thanks for that!

  7. im still a noob at designing my bloggy but im working on it, great song man.