Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Just made to the 100th followers target! PTC anyone?

This here..
Is for those people who have dead time.
Have you ever heard of PTC?.. If your in the web for years most probably you have! PTC is a paid to click program in wich the advertiser buys lots of clicks  from a guy, that guy owns a site where people register to click on those ads and recieve a part of that money!
NOT like Adsense... These advertisers already know that the person that clicks them ads recieves credit for it!
Now I'm going to suggest a site that has paid me! (and as lots of other payment proofs..)
This site is called NEOBUX and the big deal is that you can recieve payment instantly by paypal as soon as you get $2 wich is very easy to get.. Also you don't have to be a referrer wizard to have profits from this site..
1st you don't really need them
2nd you can rent them without having to put money from your own personal account!

So for those who like this kind of deals here:

for those who don't I'll be putting a new tip later on the day