Tuesday, December 7, 2010

So what are the alternatives to GOOGLE ADSENSE?

John from One Man’s Blog who made a decent income from Adsense shares the 8 best ways to earn money from Google Adsense alternatives that should give you a wide variety of alternatives to choose from.
If you want a simpler way to monetize your sites, try Query Ads. It claims to pay a minimum of .10 cent per click via paypal (with min. payout of $50). If you have a high quality site, with regular content updates, you can make money by displaying ads customized to match the content on your pages the way Adsense does.
Don’t be afraid of CPA too! If run properly, CPA campaigns can generate substantial income that could easily rival Google Adsense. Keep in mind that it’s not easy to accepted into CPA network as most networks are very selective of their publishers.
If you want to try CPA, two networks come to mind – Prosperent & CPALead. Both are great for either gray or white hat methods of monetizing search traffic. More importantly, approval is almost instant.
There you go. Possibly the best 10 Adsense alternatives for you to consider if your Adsense account were disabled by Google for all the wrong reasons or you want diversify for all the right reasons.
If you are a still Publisher, here’s the parting message. Don’t cross Google the wrong way. Don’t even try to outsmart it. It isn’t just worth it, especially if it’s your bread and butter. Best still, diversify. You can still make money without doing evil.
* Yes, there is a loophole on how to get back into the program which I hope I’m able to cover it in due course. So stay tuned and do subscribe if you have not already done so.
** Did you know that T3leads is one of the highest pay-per-lead program?

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